LPA Ticketing Code of Practice

The latest edition of the LPA Ticketing Code is effective from 1 October 2018.

The Code and other corresponding documents, including Consumer Guides to inform Australian consumers about ticketing in the primary and secondary ticket market, are available to download via the links below.

Please note that the LPA Ticketing Code comprises two parts, one labelled the Consumer Code and the other labelled the Industry Code.

Ticketing Code of Practice: Consumer Code - Seventh Edition 1 October 2018

Ticketing Code of Practice: Industry Code - Seventh Edition 1 October 2018

LPA Complaints Handling and Dispute Resolution Policy

LPA Consumer Guide: Ticket Availability for Live Events

Since 2001 LPA has produced the LPA Ticketing Code of Practice, (LPA Ticketing Code) a voluntary industry code of practice covering the ticketing industry for live performance events.

The LPA Ticketing Code provides protection for consumers in the live performance industry, and although the document itself does not carry legal force it is reflective of legal standards as expressed in the Australian Consumer Law. The LPA Ticketing Code is independently reviewed and re-issued every three years, and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) provide feedback as part of the Review process.

Ticket Resale Market

LPA has developed Guides to better educate consumers about where to buy authorised tickets and the risks of buying from the resale market.

LPA Safe Tix Guide - Tips for buying tickets safely and securely

LPA Consumer Guide: Buying and Selling Tickets in the Ticket Resale Market

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